Leader in sports ergonomics 


/ Activity: Distribution & SQlab Academy
/ Territory: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom & Ireland

SQlab becomes the first manufacturer globally to develop a system for measuring the sitbones and determining the optimal saddle width in dependency of the seating position. This concept will gain momentum in the following years and gain widespread acceptance to the point where these days it is hardly imaginable to buy a saddle without measuring your sitbones.

In February 2003 the company Slab GmbH is established in the Fundsbergstraße in Munich. A one-family home is the office, two portable office containers are the storage, and in a small timber cottage the lab is set up. Despite space limitations, highly sensitive pressure mapping technology is used, scientists and medical experts come for house visits and the founding spirit gives strength and energy.
The real test lab however, are the Isar Trails around Munich and directly behind the lab, on which various SQlab and competitor’s products are continually tested and will later appear in headlines.